3 Best Ways to Learn Guitar Online

Getting started with the guitar lessons can be an expensive endeavor, particularly if you don’t have any musical knowledge or expertise in your support. Thankfully, those days of the past when you had to tune in to your favorite number for figuring out the scale and tune are gone forever.

Now you don’t even have to pick your gig bag to head towards the music school located miles away. They have been entirely replaced by the best online guitar schools which are not just effortless but also go easy on your pocket.


Even before we were knocked down by the Covid-19 pandemic, and social distancing became the new-normal, online guitar classes were gaining in popularity, especially for the newcomers who are picking their musical instruments for the first time.

With the passage of time, now advanced learners are also opting for these online classes to expand their knowledge and skills. But with tons of online portals, channels, and websites coming up, how would you select the best place to learn guitar online?


YouTube is a powerhouse of honing one’s skills and talents. It’s also a place where you can learn something new and guitar lessons are not an exception to this.

You can come across loads of channels that give access to free online lessons for learning the rudiments of music theory, positioning of fingers, chord structures, tuning the guitar in the right way, and the fun aspects of playing guitar.

Some of these channels are free while others offer paid lessons. Based on your preferences, you can select channels that provide guitar guides to follow along with coupled with challenging lessons to test your skills. Most channels come with a large variety of videos to match the difficulty levels of various players. This implies that if you come across an instructor who is difficult to follow, you can switch to some other channels where you can find a better fit for yourself.

YouTube is loaded with guitar learning channels where the instructors are highly patient and provide a thoroughly structured video on a particular area. You can also find some channels with guest videos sprinkled here and there. On the other hand, there are a few channels simply dedicated to explaining the basics that you will require to know in order to get started. This is particularly useful if you are willing to learn it properly without any shortcuts rather than simply learning to play any chartbuster for an upcoming birthday party.


There are tons of online sites that are as accessible as YouTube but also incorporate the professional feel that you typically get with the in-person classes. Also, these tutorial sites offer a lot of flexibility which means you can take it from any place according to your preferred schedule. This is particularly true for the platforms that come with mobile applications.

Another important factor of these online guitar classes is that are highly customizable meaning you can select your preferred techniques, genres, and numbers that you are interested in learning. Based on the portal, you may also be given the choice of selecting the instructor.

You can also connect with other learners just as you would have done in traditional guitar classes through online forums, chats, and various social media platforms. The best part is that you will have to pay much lesser than general offline classes while in some cases, you may not have to pay whatsoever.
It’s a major concern for some learners willing to go for online guitar learning sessions to know whether there is any scope of procuring feedback from the experts. Many web portals offer video exchange programs or virtual 1:1 sessions for checking the strumming patterns or breaking down any complex lick.


Learning to play guitar online is all the easier when you have a dedicated tutor for yourself. The internet has hordes of applications that can assist you in improving your guitar playing skills. With these applications, you can have a private tutor who will devote his undivided attention to make sure that you make the best of your learning.

And your smartphone is always at your disposal, probably when you are in the bathroom as well. Guitar applications can be a brilliant way of practicing even if you do not have a guitar in your hand or while you are on your way to work in a public commute or during lunch break. Some applications will also send you reminders when you are nearing the time for practice and learning.

Online applications can be downloaded and installed on any Android device and iPhone. No matter whether you are interested in acoustic or electric guitars, they are an enjoyable and highly impactful way of learning everything from the fundamental level.

Your favorite style of music is not a factor in this regard as long as you can search for a mobile app that suits your preferences. It must teach you all the chords that you must know along with showing how to play a riff, ways of doing barre chords, and most crucially, how you can pay a specific scale.

With these three online resources, it’s surely possible to improve your guitar playing skills, get better at finger pricking and familiarize yourself with the fretboard. Going to a music school on a regular basis may not be suitable for everyone especially people who work or have budget constraints. Thanks to digitization, playing with a metronome or getting to know about the Pentatonic scale has become a lot easier.


As it goes with any skill, mastering how to play guitar like a pro calls for regular practice and dedication. It’s easy to understand that taking lessons can improve the skills and knowledge of something but it is not always possible to hit the right place to learn, especially online. Fortunately, if you are an aspiring guitarist, you can learn to okay guitar online through any of the resources mentioned above.

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