Ways to Learn Guitar Online: Best YouTube Channels

Best Youtube Channels For Learning Guitar

Learning the guitar, like any other skill, takes time and effort. It’s easy to tell someone that they should take lessons to improve their skills, but finding those sessions, especially in person, isn’t always straightforward. You can learn to play guitar online, which is great news for all you aspiring guitarists. We’ve compiled a list of a few websites where you may learn how to play acoustic and electric guitars. In 2021, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest online guitar classes. Whatever your skill level or reason for looking for an online course, you’ll be able to discover something to suit your needs. So sit back, unwind, turn on some music, and have a look at our selection of the top guitar teaching YouTube Channels.

Top Guitar Teaching YouTube Channels


JamPlay does not have a set of instructions. Instead, the courses have four sections: beginners, skills and genres, songs, and songwriting. Although some of the topics in these courses are similar, each teacher takes a distinct approach. Regardless of whatever one you choose, you’ll gain a solid foundation in theory and technique.

The genre phase is the most important. There are 21 distinct categories. Rock, country, and Hawaiian slack key are among the genres represented, as are reggae, flamenco, and R&B. There are eight acoustic and one electric course in the Songwriting phase. Lessons are led by a diverse group of players and instructors at JamPlay. If one instructor or musician is a little too fast for you, there are others on the JamPlay channel who are more appropriate for your pace.

2.Andy Guitar

Andy Guitar’s YouTube channel has 1.28 million subscribers, and he has his dedicated website where you can access his tutorials. Andy’s real surname is Crowley, and his lessons are magical. His communication is superb, as it is with many good teachers, and this first lesson guides you through some of the necessities, such as the fundamental ability to play chords.

It won’t be easy at first because mastering the guitar is difficult, especially when new fingers are getting used to fretting strings. But, when the discomfort comes to pain, take a break and keep going; you’ll be shocked at how far you can get in such a short amount of time, and the sense of accomplishment will have you coming back for more. He will guide you through the process.

3.Rick Graham

Rick Graham is an icon known for his incredible tutorials. This channel is all on the riffs, so sit back and be inspired as you watch Rick effortlessly play them. The riffs appear to be exceedingly difficult to play from the standpoint of a novice, but Rick breaks them down into small chunks that make it much easier to learn. After a while, you’ll begin to believe that you, too, can get there. He breaks down difficult-to-understand riffs into small chunks so you may learn at your own pace without fear of failing as you grow used to the technical aspect of riffing.


Truefire is a digital guitar school or a compilation of online courses, but its YouTube channel contains some of the biggest online guitar lessons. The beautiful thing about this channel is that they bring in some of the best guitarists and have them teach what they love to do. TrueFire provides excellent video courses. Although it has been online since 1991, the site has undergone numerous updates to make the content current and up-to-date.

You can progress from beginner to advanced by following several Learning Paths such as the Jazz Learning Path or the Acoustic Learning Path. Alternatively, you can go to specialist courses such as Arpeggios, Scales & Modes, and Improvisation to see what you wish to focus on. There are a large number of technique videos accessible, and the library is constantly updated.


ArtistWorks seems the most like in-person classes of any online learning site. The best part is that its instructors are all world-class musicians. Some well-known names, such as master shredder jazz Martin Taylor, Paul Gilbert, and bass legend Nathan East, may come to mind.

ArtistWorks requires you to purchase a separate membership for each course. You’ll focus on one type of guitar, such as blues, beginner acoustic, jazz, rock, classical, bluegrass, or dobro. They also provide lessons on piano, voice, mandolin, and other instruments. The courses in each lesson are divided into three levels: basic/fundamental, intermediate, and advanced. You are free to begin wherever you like. However, even if you’ve been playing for a while, many teachers recommend that you refresh your knowledge from the start.

6.Rock on Good People

Another startup similar to JamPlay is Rock on Good People, which uses free lessons to drive traffic to its website. Set that aside, and you’ll discover that Rock on Good People offers a long number of videos aimed at novice musicians, guiding them through how-to techniques and encouraging healthy guitar practices before they get lost in the world of song covers. All of the instructors are laid-back, which helps beginner guitar players feel at ease and less anxious about entering a world where they have little to no experience.

7.Tim Pierce

Tim Pierce is an incredible musician in his own right, and we’re all fortunate that he’s willing to share his hard-won wisdom with us! He has his own YouTube channel with gear reviews, guitar lessons, and more when he’s not busy being a rock legend. He also discloses every detail of his life as a professional guitarist. It’s an interesting channel with helpful hints and directions, a lot of cool stuff, and legendary guests.


Jamorama began as a one-man-ship run by Mark McKenzie, who offered free online lessons. You may recognize him as The Guitar Guy from YouTube, where he has amassed a sizable following. His video tutorials are interesting and insightful, absolutely packed with advice and tips, and he has 20 years of teaching experience. There are both technique and song-based lessons available. It’s a simple, step-by-step method that’s ideal for novices.


Choosing the right channel to get you from point A to point B might is very crucial. If you’re already quite excellent, you don’t want to waste time going over the basics. To avoid being disappointed, know your level and consider your expectations first. In other words, YouTube is your learning BFF, regardless of your skill level, and there are plenty of different types of music and teaching approaches to suit you. Before you choose a channel (or several), it’s suggested to view a few videos to see whether the music they play and the way they teach resonates with you.

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